Piedras Naturales de Castilla is a family-owned company that has traditionally worked in the quarrying profession. For 4 generations, the wisdom needed for the art of working sandstone has grown and been passed down from parents to children.

Our economic activity consists of the extraction, production and marketing of sandstone which we work with EXCLUSIVELY.

Over the years, the sandstone industry has seen significant changes, the technological resources for the extraction and production have developed considerably, its use in construction has led to a lot in a very short time, its acceptance on the market has increased at a great speed,,, These are reasons that motivate us to strive for continual improvement, which is why PINACAS works the sandstone using a productive system based on state-of-the-art technology, that makes it possible to manufacture all the formats and finishes, and makes us a company capable of satisfying any demand, a company that is definitively competitive in all the areas of construction.


PINACAS is located in Quintanar de la Sierra (Burgos-Spain). It currently has a surface area of 30000 m2 distributed in 2 production warehouse, a yard for working the blocks, a yard for semi-produced stone, a yard for completed orders, and a stockyard. Over the years our resources have increased progressively, since our foundation (1995) continually increasing our installations, recruiting and selecting personnel that are suited to our company, investing in industrial extensions, state-of-the-art technological machinery, training, health and safety and even, designing our own ecological plan.

We are currently in the process of extending our facilities and machinery in order to increase production.



PINACAS invests exclusively in quarries provide top quality materials, it is not only the aesthetic appearance that makes our products different, but also the extraordinary characteristics of our varieties.
We provide a product that guarantees strength, consistency and safety in construction, as well as aesthetic values that give any architectural element beauty, singularity and distinction.


Our policies are geared towards innovation, not only in the technological field but also in the finishes and formats of our products. We are an enthusiastic company and one of our priorities is to focus on creativity.


We offer our clients technical guidelines, our extensive experience and professionalism means we can provide the best constructive solutions, as well as constant monitoring which makes it easy for clients to consult us or request information.


The relationship we have with our clients is based on trust, seriousness and formality. We guarantee to fulfil any verbal or written contract, regarding quality, delivery deadlines, supply conditions, etc.