Low relief size of 3cm

In the month of March of 2017, PINACAS concluded the elaboration of the obelisk Hill 70, a memorial with which the people of Canada give the French to the memory of the Canadian soldiers who fought in this place against the German army in the First World War.

  • The obelisk is formed by a base and the obelisk.
  • The base are pieces of 50cm in height with a steep slope.
  • The obelisk consists of 8 pieces with a falseo on the four sides of 2º.
  • The largest piece is 175x150x150cm and the smallest is 175x102x102cm.
  • The pieces number 2 and 7 have a carved inscription under relief of 3cm.

The complete obelisk reaches a height of 14.5m. what would be more or less a building of 4 floors high.
In total it has a weight of 69Tm and 3 trailers were necessary for its transport.

  • Pinacas_obelisco2
  • Pinacas_obelisco3